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Divorce: Facts, Consequences and Causes

Divorce is defined as the dissolution of a marriage before either one of the spouses dies. It is the legal ending of a marriage and legally reestablishes a person to be classified as a single adult. For a divorce to be legal, it must be approved by the court in which the divorce action was…

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Marriage Traits that Lead to Divorce

The first year of marriage is said to be the hardest of all the years. Living together as a married couple is much different than dating. How the couple interacts with each other during this part of their marriage is a good indicator of how the marriage will proceed through the years.   Couples that…

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Divorce: Degrees of Separation

Degree of Separation

A couple that is divorcing may find it necessary to use a legal separation before the divorce is finalized. While this practice has become less common in recent years, it is still a very useful tool. Entering into a separation agreement before the dissolution of marriage protects the rights and the assets of both parties.…

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Divorce: The Challenges of Determining Spousal Support in OKC


Alimony is now known as spousal support. The change in term has occurred because spousal support can be granted to either party of a divorce. In the past, alimony was the word used to describe payments made to a woman from her former husband.   In Oklahoma, there are three types of spousal support payments…

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Understanding the Effects of Divorce and Separation on Family

divorce and child custody

The stress of divorce exceeds the actual legal issues surrounding the end of a marriage. Dissolving a marriage takes its toll on the entire family, especially the children. Families will interact differently with each other during and after the dissolution takes place, and it is something that parents should prepare for during the process.  …

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Divorce: How Child Custody Decisions are Made?

Child custody is one of the biggest issues in the area of family law. It is usually the most complicated issue during a divorce and can be difficult for single parents as well. The complications of this issue are due to the fact that the best interests of the child or children must be placed first,…

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Divorce: Effect and Consequences of Separation

disputes and consequences of separation

Divorce causes a lot of turmoil in the lives of all who are involved. This is not a secret. What most people do not realize, however, is that there is a huge adjustment period after the divorce as well. This period of time can be exceptionally rough if the dissolution of marriage proceedings did not…

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Types of Civil Litigation

divorce effects and civil litigations

Civil litigation is the process by which individuals, businesses or governmental entities can use the court system to seek justice and settle disputes. This type of litigation includes any and all types of legal matters except criminal actions. This term is also used to describe all of the work that a lawyer performs prior to going…

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Causes of Divorce: Most Common Marriage Failure

When you are facing a divorce, you may feel as if you are completely alone. Sadly, you are not. Ending a marriage is no longer a unique thing in the world and happens all-too-often. The main reason that a couple seeks to end their marriage is that something in their relationship has failed.   8…

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Divorce: All you need to know about child custody rights

Child custody issues are one of the most common areas for disputes in family law. Parents who are divorcing or who have never been married to each other all have their own opinions on what is best for their child when it comes to this issue. Sadly, many of these parents are unaware of the laws…

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